The Messenger of His Face and How Torah was Given to Israel

Posted by on Dec 29, 2019 in The Messiah

The authorship of the Book of Genesis is attributed to Mosheh who wrote it down for us. But the question presents itself, “How could he have known what had taken place from the Creation of the world to his birth?”  The creation of the heavens and the earth, the stars and everything visible and invisible in the universe, is a colossal event no man has ever witnessed. The story of Adam and Chavah who sinned by accessing the knowledge of good and evil, the Flood...

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Why Torah Allowed Polygamy

Posted by on Mar 19, 2023 in The Patriarchs' Saga

The proper form of sexuality is the source of life, and nothing is more intimate than the sexual act between a husband and a wife. When the intimacy between a husband and a wife is abused or misused, nothing can be more destructive to the human soul, family, and society than the degradation of a wife in the abomination of sexual immorality of polygamy: the society will break too, sooner or later. It is inevitable. Adultery and fornication of both man and woman are seen as...

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Does Torah Mandate a Raped Girl to Marry Her Rapist?

Posted by on Sep 25, 2022 in Bible Study

Is it true that the Torah requires a raped girl to marry her rapist, and the only punishment to the rapist is a monetary fine? In our modern society, the mere suggestion that a raped girl marry her rapist is inconceivable and repulsive to say at least. The emotional and physical pain and fear the girl has suffered at the time of the rape, however, have long term metal effects that may last for life. In the past, women depended entirely on their fathers or husbands for...

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Why does the Torah speak in the Creation story in third person?

Posted by on Apr 27, 2021 in Q&A

Question: Why does the Torah speak in the Creation story in third person? He was the only One before the beginning. Answer: Indeed, the Torah speaks in third person singular “He” instead of first person “I”. For example, the first verse in the Scripture is telling us, “In the beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth”. Who said that? Should it not be said, “In the beginning I created the heavens and the earth”? In the beginning Elohim was the only one and no one...

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Is There Forgiveness Without Repentance?

Posted by on Aug 13, 2019 in Bible Study

Is there forgiveness without repentance? “Should we forgive one who has wronged us but has not repented?” is the question we should ask when there is a transgression against us. It is a common misunderstanding, particularly in the Christendom, that a Christian must forgive regardless of the absence of repentance from the guilty part, he should forgive even in the stone-cold face of the transgressor. This understanding, which has become a mainstream doctrine in...

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Bible Code: Yeshua the Anointed

Posted by on Jun 11, 2023 in The Bible Codes

It is the object of this work to explain the Bible code found in the laws of unintentional sin and how it relates to Yeshua. The Bible code being the literal [hidden] word of the Creator is like a meeting with Him in revelation. The Bible codes left without interpretation or even worse misinterpretation can lead to wrong conclusions and straying from the path. However, left behind and unpublicized the knowledge of them known to only a few will die out. For this reason, it...

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Who Constituted the Canon

Posted by on Dec 19, 2022 in Bible Study

Tanak (the Hebrew Scripture) is Judaism’s the most authoritative and foundational text. The word “TaNaK” is an acronym of Torah (The Five Books of Moses), Nevi’im (Prophets), and Ketuvim (Writings). The Tanak is revered as a direct revelation (the Torah and the Prophets) by the Creator first to the nation of Israel and then to the nations, and the third part as inspired writings. The first book of the Tanak is Genesis, and the last book is Malachi. On the other side is the...

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The Strange Way the Book of Leviticus Begins

Posted by on Mar 15, 2022 in The Messiah

The Book of Leviticus Vayikra begins with “And he called”, which has given the name of this book (Hebrew for “and he called”). This seems like an unusual way to begin a book with “And”. But, this is not the only book that begins in such a way. The books of Exodus, Numbers, Joshua, Judges, Samuel 1&2, Kings 1&2, Ruth, Esther, and Ezra too begin with the Hebrew letter vav, “and”. Who called to Mosheh in the very opening...

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Anointed Metatron and Mediator. The Messenger of the Presence.

Posted by on Feb 1, 2022 in The Messiah

In rabbinic tradition, Metatron is the unique Messenger of the Presence of the Eternal, the one who bears the Tetragrammaton and guided Israel through the wilderness to Mount Sinai. According to the rabbinic sources, this Messenger of the Presence (literally, the Faces) has been entrusted by the Creator to run the universe according to natural laws. In some rabbinic works, he is called also “Metatron Mashiach”, or the Anointed Metatron. The messianic expectation...

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Avraham gained righteousness but lost a son

Posted by on Oct 31, 2021 in The Patriarchs' Saga

The story of offering Yitschak as a human sacrifice is perhaps the most discussed part of the entire Scripture. Avraham had longed to have a son such as Yitzchak for twenty-five years. When he was finally born, his love for him must have grown from year to year. But when he was suddenly commanded to sacrifice his son with his own hands, he must have felt in a state of uncertainty. And who would not have? But Avraham did not hesitate or challenge the command or even ask for...

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Ishmael and Israel: From Rivalry to Accord

Posted by on Oct 23, 2021 in The Patriarchs' Saga

Ishmael and Israel are the sons of Avraham and the founding fathers of two great nations. Each of them fathered twelve sons, who became the backbones of two peoples: Arabs and Israelites. While Ishmael and Israel took two quite different and even opposite turns in their development as nations, they share some common traits. As sons of the common ancestor Avraham, they have much in common. Both nations are regarded as Semites, the descendants of Shem son of Noach, and as...

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The Uninspired Pages Found in the Bible

Posted by on Sep 9, 2021 in Bible Study

How many of us realize that there are uninspired pages in the Bible whose authors are unknown. As surprising as this may sound to many, there are indeed two pages that were not inspired. These uninspired pages were not written by any of the prophets or by the disciples. The first page reads “The Old Testament” and is placed just before Gen 1:1 and the other reads “The New Testament” and is placed before Mat 1:1. The intelligent reader knows that...

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