Time of Reckoning Has Come

His Reckoning of Time is coming to its end! The days of this wicked world are numbered and the writing on the wall is for everyone to see. How many will actually see it?

Come now and let us reason together, says YEHOVAH. Isaiah 1:18


TORM featured articles:

How Leah Destined the Priesthood of Levi

The Levites at the Temple

The Levites at the Temple

Time of Reckoning Ministry (TORM) 26 November 2020: How many people know that the unloved wife of Ya’akov Leah spoke prophetically and thus destined the priesthood of her third son Levi? All the other eleven children of Ya’akov were named by their mothers, as it is written “And she called his name”. The exception is with the youngest of Ya’akov’s sons whom Rachel called BenOni “son of my sorrow”, but Ya’akov called him by the name Binyamin “son of the right hand”. But in Gen 29:34, at the birth of Ya’akov’s third son Levi we find a different expression used only here. Read more

The Mistakes Avraham Made

Time of Reckoning Ministry (TORM) 25 November 2020: The patriarch Avraham made two mistakes in his life, even three. Two of these mistakes cost his descendants a great deal of trouble. Had Avraham listened carefully to words of the Creator the history of the world would have been quite different. Read more

Trump vs the Deep State War

President Donald Trump against the Deep State

President Donald Trump against the Deep State

Time of Reckoning Ministry (TORM) 15 November 2020: The war of President Trump against the Deep State aka the Swamp, and the globalism as a whole, became a war for giving back America to the people from the clutches of the chosen elite. Ultimately, this war also became a war for the minds and souls of the people. The Deep State fought back with an unprecedented campaign through all possible channels of power and propaganda of the news and social media to smear the president with mud of lies and slanders. Read more

From the First Trump to the Last Trumpet

President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump

Time of Reckoning Ministry (TORM) 13 November 2020: President Donald Trump in an upsetting presidential election in 2016, and the domestic and international policy he conducted, turned not only America but the whole world in any aspect upside down. In just four years, America is not the same and the world is not the same. When President Trump made it clear by his words and deeds that he was going to defend America’s interests first, that caused a huge turmoil in the world and at home specifically among his former liberal friends. Read more

Partial Birth Abortion Then and Now

And the Last Standing Man Against It

Does this innocent baby know what is outside?

Does this innocent baby know what is outside?

Time of Reckoning Ministry (TORM) 22 October 2020: The term “abortion” is not an invention in the 20th century by pro-choice activists. But the first recorded partial birth abortion in history is found in the Scripture. The Midrash says, “If you destroy one life, you have destroyed the whole universe”. Life is a gift from the Creator, which we did not deserve to receive, and like a whisper in the wind, life means nothing without Him. Read more

The Second Day of Creation

The waters above and the waters below on the second day of Creation

The waters above and the waters below on the second day of Creation

Time of Reckoning Ministry (TORM) 13 October 2020: There is a peculiarity in the Creation story. All days of creation are declared good with the concluding formula “it was good”, but it seems that the second day, when the waters were separated above and below the expanse, was not declared good. Why the narrator of the Creation story has omitted it, or has he omitted it all? And who was the narrator of the Creation, in the first place, because it was impossible for Mosheh to know the epic work of the Creator without a narrator? Read more

Some Misconceptions on the Infallible Name

Time of Reckoning Ministry (TORM) 9 October 2020: There are people who claim that the infallible Name of the Creator derives from the verbs הַיָּה hayyah or הַוָּה havvah. According to the partial knowledge they have of the Hebrew grammar, they have come up with “names” with distorted meanings that have nothing common with the infallible Name. Read more

How Old was David when He Killed Goliath? Part 2

The more realistic David who killed Goliath

The more realistic David who killed Goliath

Time of Reckoning Ministry (TORM) 7 October 2020: Indeed, how old was David when he killed Goliath? Was he a young boy as pictured on popular movies and “Bible studies”, or a young strong man who decided the outcome of the war against in the war against the Philistines? This is a continuation of article “How Old Was David When He Killed Goliath?” Part 1, wherein we explained that David must have been older than 20 when he killed Goliath, and more particularly 22 years old. Read more

The Prophecy of the 153 Fishes

Time of Reckoning Ministry (TORM) 5 October 2020: There is a peculiar moment in Yeshua’s ministry that can puzzle anyone who seeks a deeper meaning of the words of the Son of Elohim. This peculiar moment is the catch of 153 fishes in the fishing net of His disciple. Shimon Kepha and the other disciples went out fishing and that night they caught no fish. But early morning, they saw Yeshua standing on the beach who told them to throw the net on the right side of the boat that they should find fish. So they threw and caught so large number of fish they were no longer able to draw the net. And Yeshua said to them, “Bring some of the fish which you have now caught”Shimon Kepha went up and dragged the net filled with 153 big fishes. Read more

The Two Personal Names of the Creator

Time of Reckoning Ministry (TORM) 27 September 2020: How many of us know that the Creator of the universe has two personal names? He is much known to those who seek His true Name by the Name YHVH, aka the Tetragrammaton. He is also known with His titles or attributes by which He manifests Himself in the finite world. The Creator identifies Himself sometimes as El Shaddai “The Absolute Might” to indicate that it is He who has the might to create and sustain the universe. Or, He employs the attribute Elohim Tsevaot when He acts as the Commander-in Chief of the heavenly forces. But there is an attribute that reflects that He is an eternal Presence: He was, He is, and He will be. Read more

Chesed: Mercy and lovingkindness vs shame

Time of Reckoning Ministry (TORM) 23 September 2020: Chesed is a Hebrew word that has two contradictory and seemingly opposing meanings such as mercy and lovingkindness, and on the other hand shame and disgrace. So, how can these two conflicting meanings be reconciled? Read more

The Abraham Accords or Another Oslo 3 Accord

The Abraham Accords vs the Oslo Accords

The Abraham Accords vs the Oslo Accords.

Time of Reckoning Ministry (TORM) 17 September 2020: The President of the U.S. Donald Trump hosted the signing of a historic accord between Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain that entered the history as the Abraham Accords Peace Agreement. On the 15 of September 2020, the PM of Israel Binyamin Netanyahu, the FM Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates, and the FM Abdullah bin Rashid Al Zayani of Bahrain signed formal pacts for peace in the White House. This historic acceptance of Israel by two important Arab nations on the basis of peace and mutual benefits. Read more

Fear of the Name of YHVH

YHVH the letters of fire

YHVH the letters of fire

Time of Reckoning Ministry (TORM) 5 September 2020: The Creator of the universe YHVH is known to those who fear Him with His true Name. But He is also known with His titles or attributes by which He manifests Himself to the finite world. However, will the world give him the due honor when He will manifest Himself once more? Read more

The Book of the Wars of YHVH

Arnon Valley in The Book of the Wars of YHVH

Time of Reckoning Ministry (TORM) 1 September 2020: The Book of the Wars of YHVH is considered one of the “lost books” of the Bible believed to be written by Mosheh. The only verse from this book has neither specifics nor clear references to events in the Scripture but is a fragmental text whose meaning is uncertain. As the book was well known to Mosheh to quote it in the Torah, what has to be implied could easily be gathered from the very title of the book: “The Wars of YHVH”. Read more

Yam Suph — Red Sea or See of Reeds

Red Sea or the marshlands of Egypt?

Red Sea or the marshlands of Egypt?

Time of Reckoning Ministry (TORM) 21 August 2020: The Hebrew words Yam Suph are always translated either “Red Sea” or “Sea of Reeds” referring to the sea the Elohim of the children of Israel split at the Exodus from Egypt. The meaning of Yam Suph has been lost for us and “Red Sea” and “Sea of Reeds” may not be quite correct, as we will examine them in this study. But why is it important to know the correct translation of the name of the sea of the Exodus where Elohim performed His last plague on Egypt and saved His children from slavery? It is important because the correct translation may answer questions on an enigmatic book quoted in the Scripture but considered by many scholars lost. Read more

Abortion and Judaism 101

Time of Reckoning Ministry (TORM) 16 August 2020: The Rabbinic Judaism does not allow abortion of the baby in the mother’s womb. However, it is not easy to draw such a conclusion on “abortion and Judaism” given the fact that the real life can bring extremely difficult complications. This article does not claim to exhaust this controversial and complex issue of abortion in the mother’s womb, but only to present the side of the Rabbinic Judaism on the matter. Read more

Left Behind in the Rapture

Time of Reckoning Ministry (TORM) 17 July 2020: The concept of “rapture of the Church” and “left behind” cannot be found in the Scripture, not without preconceived ideas and doctrines that surfaced and were inserted much later into it. There was no such a thing as a “secret rapture of the Church” before 1830 until a teenage Scottish girl, named Margaret McDonald (1815-1840), started uttering a vision (she claimed) she had that Jesus would return back to take up His Church to heaven. Read more

The Jews who left behind the Exodus

Time of Reckoning Ministry (TORM) 11 July 2020: There who were Jews left behind in the Exodus in Egypt and there are Jews who already left behind in the Second Exodus and who do not want to return home despite the new waves of anti-Semitism. But Jews should return home not for fear of anti-Semitism of the gentiles, but for love of YHVH who declares in His Torah that Israel must reside in the Promised Land. The parallelism between the first and second Exodus of Israel is not coincidental: neither in the fact that the plagues in the former will be re-enacted in the latter, nor in the time of its fulfillment. But in the fact that there are Jews who have already been left behind in the coming Second Exodus like the fathers in the first. Or, we may put it this way: they are not left behind but they have left behind the Exodus. Read more

Prophecy of Three Days and Three Nights: The sign of Messiah

Time of Reckoning Ministry (TORM) 5 July 2020: To understand Yeshua’s prophetic words concerning the Prophecy of Three Days and Three Nights, we need to go back to the source and see what He could have possibly meant when He made this statement before the Pharisees that He would be “buried for three days and three nights”. This study is a continuation of the study in the article The Sign of Jonah the Prophet. Read more




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Watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem:

The voice of your watchmen! They shall lift up their voices, together they shout for joy, because eye to eye they see the return of Yehovah to Tsiyon. (Isa 52:8)

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