Human Life—From Conception to Birth

Posted by on Nov 25, 2022 in Sanctity of life

“Life is sacred” is a fundamental principle in the Scripture. We have explained this principle in the series of articles Sanctity of Life. But still, it is equally important to clarify one more thing. If life indeed begins at conception and is sacred as the Scripture testifies, is that which we call “fetus” a human being? And if “fetus” is a human being, when does it receive its soul: at conception or at birth? In other words, the...

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Partial Birth Abortion Then and Now

Posted by on Oct 22, 2020 in Sanctity of life

The term “abortion” is not an invention in the 20th century by pro-choice activists. But the first recorded partial birth abortion in history is found in the Scripture. The Midrash says, “If you destroy one life, you have destroyed the whole universe”. Life is a gift from the Creator, which we did not deserve to receive, and like a whisper in the wind, life means nothing without Him. Life is a Creator-given privilege man cannot expect, demand, or claim. None of...

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Abortion and Judaism 101

Posted by on Aug 16, 2020 in Sanctity of life

The Rabbinic Judaism does not allow abortion of the baby in the mother’s womb. However, it is not easy to draw such a conclusion on “abortion and Judaism” given the fact that the real life can bring extremely difficult complications. This article does not claim to exhaust this controversial and complex issue of abortion in the mother’s womb, but only to present the side of the Rabbinic Judaism on the matter. Whether or not the following rabbinic...

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The Life of the Flesh is in the Blood

Posted by on May 1, 2020 in Sanctity of life

From the very beginning of the world, the Creator has set a prohibition of eating flesh with its life, because life is in the blood of every creature He created, whether human or animal. But do not eat flesh with its life, its blood. (Gen 9:4) This prohibition applies to the eating of flesh with blood of life in it, whether of living animals, as is the barbarous custom of the heathens in Wuhan, or of slaughtered animals from which the blood has not been properly drained, or...

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Euthanasia: children killing their parents

Posted by on Apr 16, 2020 in Sanctity of life

Euthanasia is an act of killing someone painlessly by a physician (especially someone suffering from an incurable illness). It is also called by the misnomer “mercy killing” or “mercy death”, depends on which side of “mercy” one stands. Euthanasia is also called “assisted suicide” or “right to die” (as if a man has contributed for his birth in order to have the right to die). The road to hell is paved with good...

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COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic vs NWO

Posted by on Mar 22, 2020 in Sanctity of life

The whole world is the fearful grip of COVID-19 the Coronavirus pandemic with no clear outcome of it. In the most infected countries of the world, those of Europe, there are curfews and restriction of movement of people, ration of healthcare and medications in a desperate attempt to curb the spread of the pandemic of COVID-19 the Coronavirus. Europe known with its Schengen treaty between its member countries to end border control for travel between them is a part of the...

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COVID-19 Coronavirus Retaliates

Posted by on Mar 15, 2020 in Prophecy Insight, Sanctity of life

The whole world is in the grip of probably the most dangerous virus we have known — COVID-19 the Coronavirus. As of March 2020, COVID-19 has claimed the lives of many people with many more found infected. Their number is still growing as the uncertainty of how to fight the Coronavirus is growing, too. Much has been written and will be written about COVID-19 the Coronavirus. The danger of this strain of virus does not come from the high mortality rate (as of the writing of...

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President Trump and Meaning of Sanctity of Life

Posted by on Feb 16, 2020 in Sanctity of life

“Life” cannot have a single definition for it, much less a definition of the meaning of life. Moreover, some languages do not even have definite words for a clear concept of life, hence it is hard to define the meaning of life itself. And if it is hard to define the meaning of life, how can the sanctity of life be defined? Two Hebraic concepts of life In Hebrew, there are two concepts of time best expressed in the words זְמָן zeman and עֵת et in the wisdom of...

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Donald Trump President of the Unborn

Posted by on Nov 17, 2019 in Sanctity of life

Because of his moral conviction to defend the unborn and dry out the swamp, Donald Trump was attempted to be impeached even before he has sworn as President of the United States. Since then has President Donald Trump become the most controversial president in the history of America and the most hated person. Avalanches of subpoenas, lawsuits, intimidations, Russian and Ukrainian “connections” became a constant attempt to incapacitate and derail the Trump...

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Did God Allow Human Sacrifices?

Posted by on Mar 17, 2019 in Sanctity of life

Human sacrifices are clearly an abomination to YHVH. There is nothing more repulsive, repugnant, abhorrent, and abominable to YHVH than human sacrifices, and the most vicious of them: the murder of unborn human beings. Abortion, the politically correct term for this hideous act of taking a human life, is nothing less than another form of human sacrifices to the evil one. For more truth about abortions, read the article “The real face of abortion America must see it to...

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The Real Face of Abortion America Must See It to Believe It!

Posted by on Jun 26, 2016 in Sanctity of life

Abortion in America has been, and remains, a controversial issue in the American culture and politics since the U.S. Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade in 1973. Everyone that kills an unborn baby is actively prolonging the Almighty’s anger and delaying the coming of His Messiah. This is what the Rabbis say in Midrash: “If you destroy one life, you have destroyed the whole universe”. And this is what the Supreme Judge of the Universe says on the vicious murder of innocent...

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