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Who are the “Palestinians”?

Yeshua said, “Avraham saw my day and rejoiced”. When did Avraham see him?

Who is the satan in the Bible?

Didn’t God allow us to eat any animal flesh?

Why does the Torah speak in the Creation story in third person?

What do the religions teach about going to heaven?

Why was the first cold pressed olive oil used in the Temple?

Is Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) called ‘Sabbath’ as the weekly Sabbath?

Why is Psalm 119 called “acrostic psalm”?

What did the apostle mean by “in the twinkling of an eye”?

What was Israel’s life for 38 years in the desert of Arabia?

In the plague in Moav, 24,000 died, but Paul said 23,000. Which is true?

Was the Name YHVH Known to Moses?

Did Matthew make a mistake to quote Jeremiah?

When are the next Sabbatical and Jubilee years?

What does the true Passover dinner include?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

How many wives did Jacob have?

Who was the prophet who died on his birthday?

How was the Red Sea parted?

Do Hebrews and Gentiles see the past and future differently?

Did Paul teach against the Temple sacrifices?

What is the definition of “religious absurd”?

Who changed Shaul’s name to “Paul”?

Did Yoseph and Miryam have other children?

How many are the exiles of Israel?

How long did it take for Israel to leave Egypt?

What is the difference between Mount Horev and Mount Sinai?

What do the European parliament and the Tower of Babel have in common?

Are there rewards for the faithful and what are they?

Did Israel travel on the Sabbaths and on the appointed times of YHVH?

Who was the first human who saw the future development of the New World Order?

How do we know that a dream is from God?

Are we alone in the universe?

What is the meaning of the Law of God?

How many are the prohibitions on the keeping of the Sabbath?

Which are the two things one needs to have to get saved?

Are there words in the Bible that have caused a great deal of misunderstanding when mistranslated?

Did God create the universe from nothing?

Did God work on the first Sabbath?

How many were the sons of Jacob?

How many are the tribes of Israel?

How many were the disciples of Yeshua?

What happened to the Egyptian princess after she adopted Moses?

How many were the plagues in Egypt?

Who was the saddest man in the Bible?

Who was the happiest man in the Bible?

How many are the arks of the Covenant?

Is Mount Sinai in the Sinai Peninsula?

Which is the longest chapter in the Bible?

How many times did Moses ascend Sinai?

Which is the first verse in the New Covenant scripture?

How long did King Saul reign?

Who is the author of Hebrews?

How many wise men visited baby Yeshua?

Are Paul’s teachings easy to understand?

What did Yeshua write in the sand?

The Church teaches us that we are not under the Law, but has Paul not commended us to observe the Sabbath?

More than two-thirds of the Christian Church is under a severe reprimand?

Has Christ fulfilled the Law, so that the Christians do not have to?

Ever wonder why the Christianity was accepted so easily in pagan Rome?

What is the origin of the words “Jesus” and “Christ”?

The primeval light was created on the first day, but the sun and the moon were not created until the fourth day. How is that possible?

Is atheism a religion?

Can we understand the New Testament without the Old Testament?