What do the religions teach about heaven?

Posted by on Apr 2, 2021

Question: What do the religions teach about going to heaven?

Answer: The different religions teach different ways about going to heaven. As a matter of fact, these religions are seen as the highways to heaven; and their “gospels” are the tickets to heaven. As we will see, some of those tickets are not cheap at all.

For example, one of the religions teach about getting to heaven that if you go every week to their place of worship and pay 10-percent religion tax, all you need to do is to wait until you will be beamed up to there just before the things are going to get really bad. This event is called “rapture” or a teleportation of some kind, but not all members of that religion believe in it. Most of them are just waiting.

The reward? The reward is everlasting life in immaterial form in heaven, flying as a free spirit with the angels. But as the song says, “Everybody wants to go to heaven but not now”.

Another religion teaches that the only way one can get to get to heaven is to blow himself up among as many infidels as possible, become a martyr, and then go to heaven.

The reward? The reward of 72 virgins waiting in heaven is not so attractive as it seems to be. And as with the other religion, the volunteers are not so many. It is not clear, though, what rewards are waiting in heaven for the female and child suicide-bombers.

There are other religions that teach that there is no going to heaven, because there is no heaven in the first place. Nevertheless, they too offer rewards but the things get a little bit complicated here. The rewards? The rewards are … reincarnations in plants, animals, and if one is lucky in humans. Until when? Until the soul reaches its enlightening and the reincarnations stop.

The last but not the least of the religions teaches that no one goes to heaven, because heaven will come down to the earth (this religion got it right). However, the things are becoming really complicated, since this religion has set so many man-made rules in the last 2000 years that without the guidance and supervision of a trained expert, one has the good reason to doubt that someone can really get there.

So, which of the religions got it right? Well, continue reading.