Should a Gentile Convert to Judaism?

Posted by on Jan 30, 2023 in Bible Study

There are gentiles who convert the Rabbinic Judaism to serve Elohim in a better way, as they see it. While there are others who convert to Judaism for the purpose to emigrate to the State of Israel and be one with the chosen nation. The former is a religious while the latter is a political decision; they both have nothing to do with what YHVH Elohim says to those who desire to join themselves YHVH.  In the following, we would like to posit another way to look at this...

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The World as a Constant Recreation

Posted by on Jan 22, 2023 in The Origin

Elohim created the heavens and the earth and everything in it visible and invisible in six days, and then He rested on the seventh. And since then, the Creator has remained rested in the last 6,000 years?  For lack of an alternative interpretation, the reader is led to apply the same mode of interpretation that the Creator made heaven and earth at the time of creation and does not at present make heaven and earth. Now if the Creator made heavens and earth once, why can He...

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Almah Conceives and Gives Birth to a Son

Posted by on Jan 16, 2023 in The Messiah

There is a great deal of misunderstanding of two Hebrew words — almah and bethulah. Both words can overlap in their meaning, but they can also differ significantly. Most notably, this difference and misunderstanding are seen in the usage of the word almah in Isaiah 7:14, whose interpretation may lead to drawing a quick conclusion of either being a messianic prophecy or a fulfillment of a historic event, all depends on who reads and interprets the verse. In the following, we...

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Radiocarbon-14 Dating and Young Earth

Posted by on Jan 8, 2023 in The Origin

While science wants to convince us that the Earth is incredibly old, strangely enough, there is a scientific method that testifies to the opposite, namely, that the life on our planet is in fact incredibly young. This method no one wants to talk about is called “Radiocarbon-14 dating”: chemical analysis designed to estimate the age of geological specimens by measuring residual carbon in artifacts, animal, and human bones. This raises the inevitable question: Can...

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When the Firmament in Heaven Declared the Creation

Posted by on Jan 1, 2023 in The Origin

The creation story narrates that Elohim created a firmament above the heaven. This term has been perplexing the readers of Genesis for a long time with no clear definition of what “firmament” is. Yet, the Scripture further assures us that this firmament declares the work of His creation, and the heaven is proclaiming it to the glory of Elohim. If the firmament, which the Creator placed above the heaven solely on account of His words on the second day of...

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Idols as Mental Substitutes in the Mind

Posted by on Dec 25, 2022 in Bible Study

The First Commandment of the Covenant of the Most High, which He made with the nation of Israel states, “You shall have no other gods before Me”, meaning “no gods are to be brought before the Creator”. This interpretation is not grounded well in the Hebrew text, as the connection between “other gods” and “before Me” is not well established in such a translation. We will explain in the following that this is not the way to interpret the verse, because although...

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Who Constituted the Canon

Posted by on Dec 19, 2022 in Bible Study

Tanak (the Hebrew Scripture) is Judaism’s the most authoritative and foundational text. The word “TaNaK” is an acronym of Torah (The Five Books of Moses), Nevi’im (Prophets), and Ketuvim (Writings). The Tanak is revered as a direct revelation (the Torah and the Prophets) by the Creator first to the nation of Israel and then to the nations, and the third part as inspired writings. The first book of the Tanak is Genesis, and the last book is Malachi. On the other side is the...

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Are we allowed to swear in the Name of YHVH?

Posted by on Dec 8, 2022 in The Name of YHVH

Are we allowed to swear in the Name of YHVH? According to the Sermon on the Mount, we are not allowed to swear at all, while the Torah allows us. Is there any contradiction between the Torah and the Messiah? It is true, of course, as we are all aware, that if anyone who claims to be the Messiah has changed, annulled even one law of the Torah and taught the others to do so, he cannot be the Messiah. Yet, the Torah and the Sermon on the Mount appear to express two...

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Leah—The Mother of the Covenant Nation

Posted by on Dec 4, 2022 in The Patriarchs' Saga

Did Ya’akov hate his wife, Leah? It appears so, when we read the verse which clearly says that YHVH saw that Leah was hated. But was she indeed hated by her husband Ya’akov? For the purpose of this study, we will focus on a single verse in Genesis 29 which indeed says that Leah was hated. In the following, however, we will argue that Ya’akov did not hate Leah, on the contrary, he loved her. By this we will not question the credibility of the Torah, let it...

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Human Life—From Conception to Birth

Posted by on Nov 25, 2022 in Sanctity of life

“Life is sacred” is a fundamental principle in the Scripture. We have explained this principle in the series of articles Sanctity of Life. But still, it is equally important to clarify one more thing. If life indeed begins at conception and is sacred as the Scripture testifies, is that which we call “fetus” a human being? And if “fetus” is a human being, when does it receive its soul: at conception or at birth? In other words, the...

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The Barren Women of the Bible

Posted by on Nov 20, 2022 in The Patriarchs' Saga

The Hebrew Bible has the miraculous stories of six barren women, their conception, and giving birth to male children. We will address them in the following vein and offer another one for the reader’s consideration, as we will explain the reason for this in due course. There is a well-established Rabbinic tradition that the conception of Yitschak the son of Avraham was entirely by way of promise, not natural. His miraculous conception and birth, however, are not unique to...

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Scientific Facts in the Bible: Round or Flat Earth

Posted by on Nov 10, 2022 in The Origin

In the following, we will explain what one needs to know about the controversial topic of “flat earth”. Is the Earth round or flat? How did the Creator create the planet Earth: flat or round? The issue of round or flat Earth is well known, so here we will only offer a basic outline of what we intend to say. The old saying, “The language of the Torah is like the language of man”, takes precedent when such a matter as scientific facts in the Bible is discussed....

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