Why did God Unseat Trump and Netanyahu?

Posted by on Sep 3, 2021 in Prophecy Insight

The U.S. President Donald Trump and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were both unseated in 2021—for different reasons though. Trump being in the office for only four years had to step down after controversial and highly disputed election results. While Netanyahu did win most of the votes of the Israelis but failed to form a stable coalition of right-wing parties in order to remain in power. The liberal left in America and Israel believes that they unseated...

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The Trump — Deep State War

Posted by on Nov 15, 2020 in Prophecy Insight

The war of President Trump against the Deep State aka the Swamp, and the globalism as a whole, became a war for giving back America to the people from the clutches of the chosen elite. Ultimately, this war also became a war for the minds and souls of the people. The Deep State fought back with an unprecedented campaign through all possible channels of power and propaganda of the news and social media to smear the president with mud of lies and slanders. But “fake...

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From the First Trump to the Last Trumpet

Posted by on Nov 13, 2020 in Prophecy Insight

President Donald Trump in an upsetting presidential election in 2016, and the domestic and international policy he conducted, turned not only America but the whole world in any aspect upside down. In just four years, America is not the same and the world is not the same. When President Trump made it clear by his words and deeds that he was going to defend America’s interests first, that caused a huge turmoil in the world and at home specifically among his former...

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Partial Birth Abortion Then and Now

Posted by on Oct 22, 2020 in Sanctity of life

The term “abortion” is not an invention in the 20th century by pro-choice activists. But the first recorded partial birth abortion in history is found in the Scripture. The Midrash says, “If you destroy one life, you have destroyed the whole universe”. Life is a gift from the Creator, which we did not deserve to receive, and like a whisper in the wind, life means nothing without Him. Life is a Creator-given privilege man cannot expect, demand, or claim. None of...

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The Abraham Accords or Another Oslo 3 Accord

Posted by on Sep 17, 2020 in Prophecy Insight

The President of the U.S. Donald Trump hosted the signing of a historic accord between Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain that entered the history as the Abraham Accords Peace Agreement. On the 15 of September 2020, the PM of Israel Binyamin Netanyahu, the FM Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates, and the FM Abdullah bin Rashid Al Zayani of Bahrain signed formal pacts for peace in the White House. This historic acceptance of Israel by two...

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What comes after America?

Posted by on Jun 5, 2020 in Prophecy Insight

The U.S. of America is [still] the strongest economy, the world’s financial center and military power. But, this status quo may change quickly after the double impact of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the civil unrest, riots, and looting in America that followed the murder of the unarmed and cuffed George Floyd by four police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota. What comes after America? will make the reader see the problem of America, that is not just the death...

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COVID-19 Coronavirus Retaliates

Posted by on Mar 15, 2020 in Prophecy Insight, Sanctity of life

The whole world is in the grip of probably the most dangerous virus we have known — COVID-19 the Coronavirus. As of March 2020, COVID-19 has claimed the lives of many people with many more found infected. Their number is still growing as the uncertainty of how to fight the Coronavirus is growing, too. Much has been written and will be written about COVID-19 the Coronavirus. The danger of this strain of virus does not come from the high mortality rate (as of the writing of...

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President Trump and Meaning of Sanctity of Life

Posted by on Feb 16, 2020 in Sanctity of life

“Life” cannot have a single definition for it, much less a definition of the meaning of life. Moreover, some languages do not even have definite words for a clear concept of life, hence it is hard to define the meaning of life itself. And if it is hard to define the meaning of life, how can the sanctity of life be defined? Two Hebraic concepts of life In Hebrew, there are two concepts of time best expressed in the words זְמָן zeman and עֵת et in the wisdom of...

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Donald Trump President of the Unborn

Posted by on Nov 17, 2019 in Sanctity of life

Because of his moral conviction to defend the unborn and dry out the swamp, Donald Trump was attempted to be impeached even before he has sworn as President of the United States. Since then has President Donald Trump become the most controversial president in the history of America and the most hated person. Avalanches of subpoenas, lawsuits, intimidations, Russian and Ukrainian “connections” became a constant attempt to incapacitate and derail the Trump...

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Booty of War in the Bible and International Politics

Posted by on Mar 24, 2019 in Bible Study

The booty of war has always been a controversial issue in the history of mankind, which continues even today. Kingdoms had invaded other kingdoms, world empires had come and gone, and national treasures had changes possessions. In this article, we will study what the Torah teaches about the laws of warfare and booty of war and how Israel is to wage war against its enemies. Laws for future wars The laws of warfare in Deuteronomy 20 have reference to the wars which Israel...

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The Iranian Threat That Causes Fear in the Land of the Living

Posted by on Feb 25, 2018 in Prophecy Insight, The War of Gog of Magog

Never before has the Iranian menace been so real for the region and the world thanks to the lifting of the Iranian sanctions, in accordance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) of Obama, Europe, Russia and China. Had the sanctions been in place for a little longer, Iran would not have had the money to finance its presence in the Iraq and Syria, the proxy war against Yemen and Israel. The Iranian threat, therefore, would not have existed in the first place....

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Jeremiah 51: “I Shall Certainly Fill You With Men As With Locusts”

Posted by on Feb 9, 2017 in Prophecy Insight

In this article the author is challenging the idea that the Babylon in Jeremiah 50 and Jeremiah 51 is not the ancient Babylon, but a modern-day country in existence today that will be filled with men, as with locusts. What are or rather who are the locusts in the destruction of the Babylon? In Chapter Will Elohim Use Russia to Judge America? of the book Reckoning of Time, the present author also challenged the idea that chapters Jeremiah 50 and Jeremiah 51 are concerning...

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