What comes after America?

Posted by on Jun 5, 2020

The U.S. of America is [still] the strongest economy, the world’s financial center and military power. But, this status quo may change quickly after the double impact of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the civil unrest, riots, and looting in America that followed the murder of the unarmed and cuffed George Floyd by four police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The arrest of George Floyd

The death of George Floyd

What comes after America? will make the reader see the problem of America, that is not just the death of George Floyd, from a different perspective and the reason that caused them in the first place.

The George Floyd case

The COVID-19 the Coronavirus has already killed more than 100,000 people in America alone and caused the economy to shake. Now, the violence and riots. Nevertheless, the economy is still strong thanks to the deep reserves of financial, intellectual, and human capital of America.

But, what comes after the riots?

Racism and murder are evil that must be eradicated from the society. The cases of police violence in America and the death of George Floyd are alarming to say at least, but they are not new for the public.

After the death of George Floyd, the most recent victim of racial hatred, America has been in turmoil just before the 2020 presidential election. The people of all ethnic groups have the right to protest the police violence and racism.

But the legitimate protests in America against the police violence in the George Floyd case quickly transformed into well-organized street violence that was unleashed indiscriminately against the society as a whole, instigated by none other than “Antifa” (a left-wing anti-capitalist and antigovernmental political movement that describes itself as anti-fascist whose adherents are anarchists, communists, and socialists).

The racist Antifa

The racist Antifa

Antifa marching with clubs

Antifa marching with clubs

The George Floyd case is just the most recent evidence.

The real reason for the violence in America

No one in America has asked the question why the protests had not been pointed against the Democrat mayor of Minneapolis, or against the Democrat governor of Minnesota, under whose authority is the police department and the officers who murdered George Floyd.

The racial problems did not just appear in the last four years. There were racially motivated cases during the eight years of Clinton, the eight years of Bush, and the eight years of Obama. Not to mention the reason for the Civil War in America. During all these 24 years the man Donald Trump was a liberal and secular businessman who could not have cared less about the presidency.

Indeed, there are racial problems in America that are above the city and state levels. But, these problems did not start with the Trump administration.

Anti-racism protests soon turned into anti-Trump

Anti-racism protests soon turned into anti-Trump

‘Not going to be peace in the streets’: D.C. protesters vow to persist and defy Trump” the manipulating NBC wrote.

But everything started long before 2020 when three landmark U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) decisions changed the meaning of the First Amendment in the Constitution of America. They are: (1) Engel v. Vitale “The Regents School Prayer” in 1962, (2) Murray v. Curlett “School Prayer” in 1963, and (3) Abington Township School District v. Schempp “Bible reading in school” in 1963.

In these three decisions the so-called “separation of church and state” was established, and the Bible was banned in public schools. The Creator and His Word were removed from the public life and school system and America began its downward spiral.

The problem of America is that all people have lost the fear of the Creator and what filled the void was violence and hatred; the violence that started from Hollywood and finishes on the streets of Minneapolis. And all Americans are victims of the secularism of the leftists that replaced the Creator and His moral laws with darkness of the emptiness.

When the One who said, “You do not murder!”, “You do not steal!”, and “You do not covet what is not your!” were taken out of the text books in America, what is left is “murders, lootings, and coveting flat TVs”, and the death of George Floyd is just an excuse for violence.

Looting as a form of protest against the death of George Floyd?

Looting as a form of protest against the death of George Floyd?

What had been sown is what is being reaped!

In the 6th Commandment, not only is the act of murder condemned, but every act that endangers human life, whether from negligence (Deu 22:8) or recklessness (Lev 19:14), or from hatred, anger, and revenge (Lev 19:17-18).

The Son of Elohim expounds the 6th Commandment in His sermon at the mount to say that even the hatred is liable to judgment (Mat 5:22): the hatred of the police officer who murdered George Floyd, the hatred of the criminal looters, the hatred of those who hate the white people in America, because “white cops kill black people”.

Evil is evil and it has no face. Racism has no color: white racism, black racism, all is evil. There are good and bad people in all ethnic groups, but what is forgotten, though, is the Creator’s Law that defines evil and good. Take His Law out of the society, and evil triumphs.

Had the Bible remained in the public schools curriculum in America, those four police officers would not have murdered George Floyd, and the criminals would not have looted the businesses of the people who had nothing to do with his murderers, because they all would have had fear of the Supreme Judge.

This is what the Americans need to realize and this is the real reason for all the problems of America.

Again, the problem of America is not President Trump.

Because of his moral conviction to defend the unborn and traditional family, to dry out the swamp and bring back America to the Creator, because of his war on globalism that brings the world closer to one totalitarian rule of the chosen elite, President Trump became the most hated person not only in America but in the world, and the death of George Floyd was very welcomed by the haters.

For this reason only President Donald Trump became the most controversial president in the history of America and the most hated person. The hatred of the leftists was so strong that they attempted to impeach him even before he was sworn as President of the United States.

Hence, ever wonder why the riots and street violence turned against him and not against the real reason of America’s problems?

The plot

This is how the people lost the real reason why they were protesting. Now they are not protesting against the police officers who murdered a black man, but against one person: President Donald Trump.

Instead, the careful orchestration of seemingly grassroots unrest is undertaken nationwide with the goal of provoking countermeasures by the city and state authorities to bring heavily armored police force and National Guard on the streets.

But the real object of these riots and lootings in America is no longer seeking justice for George Floyd and his family, because violence and looting have never been instruments of justice. The real object of this scheme is to provoke the federal government to react.

The real goal is to get to the U.S. President Donald Trump who is seen as a soft target. The final solution of the liberal agenda is to get to President Trump, who is known for his quick responses and very vulnerable to provocations. Once the U.S. Army is on the streets, the object is well achieved and it will be a matter of incident that may trigger the worst.

This is the plot. Everything else the America sees and hears on the TV, social media, and internet is just a smoke screen stained with the blood of George Floyd.

This is how the legitimate protests in America against racism and the senseless murder of George Floyd, were quickly hijacked, craftily masked, and well directed toward achieving George Soros’ goal: to remove President Trump from power in the November elections, after all attempts to reach this goal miserably failed in the last four years.

The mass and social media gladly took the new task and they all in synchronization play well toward that goal; they proved to be just useful puppets in the hands of the one behind the scene: the financial oligarch George Soros.

It is a fact that George Soros invested in the Hilary Clinton campaign a lot of money on the stock market with the expectation to see her in White House. But on the day after the upset elections in 2016, he lost in his financial machinations more than a billion dollars.

Since then, George Soros has been furious and has not missed one opportunity to take revenge, and the murder of George Floyd just played well in his hands to destroy not only President Trump but also America. Then why should one be so naïve to believe that the billionaire cares about the black man George Floyd and the future of America.

The 2020 presidential elections

The presidential elections are just a few months away and it is not clear how America will recover after the Coronavirus and the violence that followed the death of George Floyd, unless radical changes are made.

One possibility is that a demagogue will emerge in the manner of Barak Obama who will make “wonderful” promises of reforms to the nation in order to remove inequality and racial prejudice in America. As a matter of fact, this demagogue of America has already started to make the promises; he is on the TV screens and not George Floyd.

The fact is that had the leftists wanted to make America a better place for the African-Americans, they had eight years of Obama and all the power of Congress to finish the job with no one to obstruct it. But they did not move a finger.

They could not care less about the well-being of the African-Americans: the people of color are just a racial card before elections, a racial card that has always played very well for them.

Had they solved the racial problems in America, they could have lost the racial card and the leverage to manipulate the African-Americans and public opinion in their favor.

And the murder of George Floyd is a pretext to something else: something that will come after America, the America as we know it today.

Therefore, should President Trump be reelected in November 2020, he will get one more chance given by Elohim to lead the country. Should the demagogue be elected, and the people say “We want a king as the other nations”, then something may come.

What comes after America?

The double hit of the Coronavirus and the violence may be the beginning; a beginning that may lead to … (Read more


May we merit seeing the coming of our Mashiach speedily in our days.