The Trump — Deep State War

Posted by on Nov 15, 2020

The war of President Trump against the Deep State aka the Swamp, and the globalism as a whole, became a war for giving back America to the people from the clutches of the chosen elite. Ultimately, this war also became a war for the minds and souls of the people.

President Donald Trump against the Deep State

President Donald Trump against the Deep State

The Deep State fought back with an unprecedented campaign through all possible channels of power and propaganda of the news and social media to smear the president with mud of lies and slanders.

But “fake news” is not a newly born offshoot of the propaganda.

Nazi Germany’s Reich Minister of Propaganda Paul Joseph Goebbels (1897-1945) was one of Hitler’s closest and most devoted followers, known for his skills in public speaking and propaganda, and his virulent antisemitism, advocated the extermination of the Jews.

Undoubtedly, Goebbels was more evil than the Führer Adolf Hitler, because he had the political and ideological leverage of propaganda to spread lies that would be accepted as facts (what we call today “fake news”), and to convince the masses to accept a new ideology (what we call today “brainwashing”).

The evil mind craftily used all tools of propaganda, namely, the power of persuasion (ideology) and the persuasion of power (repression).

Goebbels knew the power of propaganda to spread information for the purpose of promoting the cause of National Socialism in Germany. He  was quoted as saying,

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep on repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

This is the essence of the Big Lie idea by Hitler in his book Mein Kampf: Lie, lie, and lie!

But what the Deep State does not want the people to know is what follows next. Goebbels continued,

The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Note: the above statement is commonly attributed to Goebbels but without having cited a primary source. Whether he was its author or not is uncertain. One source that attributes it to Goebbels is Publications Relating to Various Aspects of Communism (1946), by United States Congress, House Committee on Un-American Activities. Since no reliable source has been located, this is probably a further variation of the Big Lie.

Translated in plain language, it means, “Keep spreading fake news by all means of the government and mass and social media until the masses believe it. Truth does not exist aside of the government. It is vitally important for the Deep State to use all of its apparatus to precondition the masses and repress any opposition to the official doctrine. Any form of rejection of the official doctrine is to be suppressed for the truth is the greatest enemy of the Deep State”.

Socialism for America

“It is rotten and dismal that a world of so many hundred million people should be ruled by a single caste that has the power to lead millions to life or to death, indeed on a whim…This caste has spun its web over the entire earth; capitalism recognizes no national boundaries…Capitalism has learned nothing from recent events and wants to learn nothing, because it places its own interests ahead of those of the other millions. Can one blame those millions for standing up for their own interests, and only for those interests? Can one blame them for striving to forge an international community whose purpose is the struggle against corrupt capitalism?”

No, this is not a quote from Democratic Socialist of America (DSA) Manifesto, or from the rhetoric of AOC and the Squad; all similarities are not coincidental though. This is a quote from Goebbels’ Letter to Anka Stalherm (14 April 1920), quoted in Ralph Georg Reuth, Goebbels (Harvest, 1994), pp. 33-34.

Goebbels who called himself “German communist” laid the foundation of the National Socialism in Germany and Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers’ Party. After the WWII, the term “National Socialism” was well disguised in the vague term of “Nazism”.

The real Deep State that fights President Trump

Obama vs. Netanyahu

Obama vs. Netanyahu

Despite what most of the Americans believe, the Deep State is not only the high echelon of the government and the ruling political party; these are the partisan appointees who come and go as the political parties change the president in the White House.

The real Deep State is rather those officials in the mid-level echelon of the federal government that remain in power regardless of who sits in the Oval Office. The president and vice president, and their secretaries and advisers they have appointed, go through the door with the switch of the administrations, but the mid-rank officials stay there.

So, those who remain in the government in the middle levels are those who continue to do the work even if someone like Donald Trump may take the office. Those mid-level bureaucrats are there to ensure that nothing will be changed even if a “mistake” has happened in the elections.

With the new elections the old administration leaves the White House and the new residents come in, but the federal departments? They stay unchanged.

Those officials are the real Deep State or “the government in shadow”. They sit deep in the echelons of power in key (or if not in all) departments such as the State Department, the Department of Defense, Department of the Treasury, Department of Energy, FBI, CIA.

Intolerance to different views — the new norm of “democracy”

With that being said, the Deep State does not want President Trump to win a second term, because his actions against the “Swamp” in the last four years were indicative of the Messiah. The Deep State, of course, does not believe in the coming of the Messiah in the first place, but the [evil] one behind it does believe. And he makes all possible to delay it even though he knows he is not able.

After the fabricated (long forgotten) “Russian” and “Ukrainian” collusions, unsuccessful impeachments, smeary and greasy accusations of “racism”, “anti-Semitism”, and other absurd allegations (made not without the servile work of the news media), all attempts to destroy the person Donald Trump failed miserably, the coronavirus came on the scene in such a time as this.

It is true that President Trump delivered a decisive blow to the New World Order and the One World Government. But he did not create the coronavirus, the Creator did. What Trump could not do to bring down the One World Government of the U.N., the microscopic thing did it even better. The coronavirus has wreaked havoc in the world in the first month of the pandemic, weakened, and threatened the agenda of the Deep State. But the virus also  played a dual role; the pandemic came just in time for them.

With the break of the coronavirus, the government in shadow made President Trump too busy fighting the pandemic that he would have no time to focus on drying out the Swamp.

Before the pandemic President Donald Trump was confidently marching toward a re-election with his arsenal of achievements: strong economy, record low unemployment, confidence in the U.S. dollar, etc., etc. Nothing seemed to stand between Trump and the second term.

But after the pandemic came, all his achievements were gone. The left liberal news media fed by the directives from the Deep State took used it very well. They managed to convince the masses that President Trump was not handling the pandemic the best way in the interest of the American people (as if there were a world leader who did), and that there was a better alternative: Obama’s protégé Joe Biden.

Of course, a virus does not just come. The Creator sent the coronavirus for a reason. Nothing just happens accidentally. There is one Creator and everything comes from Him and no one else. Therefore, we may deduce that one of the reasons for the coronavirus was to test Trump’s patience and faith in the Creator, as he himself became infected. But also, what appears to be the main reason for the pandemic was to place everyone in the position to choose.

Donald Trump radicalized not only America but the entire world and many made their choices. With Trump’s unmistakably radical political and social agenda, Elohim placed all in the situation to choose on which side of the fence he or she stands on the issues of abortion, family, and Israel. That was a litmus test that relied on a single indicator: “Where do you stand?”

Many made their choices in 2016 and the 2020 Presidential election was to confirm those choices.

President Trump as a peacemaker

The Abraham Accords were signed without the hassle of painful bargaining of the Oslo Accords.

The Abraham Accords were signed without the hassle of painful bargaining of the Oslo Accords.

President Trump is the first president in the last 40 years who did not start a war with another country. His deeds testify that he is the true peacemaker. He brought Arabs and Israelis into the Abraham Accord to make peace between the children of Ishmael and the children of Jacob. And this peace process continues despite the uncertainty of the outcome of the Presidential election.

But what recognition did President Trump get for his peace initiative? Nothing. Unlike President Obama who was rewarded Nobel Prize for Peace in only six months in the office for having done nothing. The following eight years proved that Obama was anything but a peacemaker.

Blessed are the peacemakers, because they shall be called sons of Elohim.

For only four years in office, President Trump became the most righteous president in the history of the U.S. for defending the unborn babies, the tradition family, and leading his country on the righteous path of Elohim.

Blessed are those persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

For all of this, he became the most hated president. Trump is the legitimate president of the United States and in a disturbing and unprecedented manner, there are powers within the government (the Deep State or the Swamp) that are working against him.

The plots against him to take him down and tread started on him to destroy him even though he was not yet sworn as president. Every word that was coming out of the president’s mouth was twisted, exaggerated, or falsified by the “independent” news media.

Owned by the big corporations and dependent on the big advertisers, the news and social media are trying to take away the people’s choice and replacing it with that of the malodorous Swamp. All of this because President Trump praises the Most High.

Blessed are you when they reproach and persecute you, and falsely say every wicked word against you, for My sake. Rejoice and be glad, because your reward in heaven is great. (Mat 5:9-12)

The Deep State desperately needed to stop President Trump. Pro 29:12 says about a Joe-Biden-like politician, If a ruler listens to lying words, all his servants become wrong.

No one voted for Joe Biden except his family. The 2020 Presidential election was against Donald Trump. The Deep State does not care who will be in the White House as long as he or she dance according to the music. Obama, Biden, Hillary, Harris do not matter at all; they are merely dancers on the stage.

If a ruler listens to lying words” can only be said about Biden who listens to the Swamp’s counsel of evil, because he is not intelligent enough to fabricate his own. And because they deceived him with flatteries and compliments, they made him believe he was suitable for running the country or fighting the tiny virus. But instead they did this only to put another useful pawn in the White House, while they do their own agenda to transform America from “bottom up” into a socialist, Europe-like country completely subordinated to the U.N.

And all those low ranking wish-to-be footmen, flunkeys, and lackeys, and all of his voters became wrong for believing they have chosen a president.

Donald Trump’s struggle in Psalm 56

Psalm 56 begins very enigmatically. The Hebrew phrase yonat elem rechokim, with which the psalm begins, can be literally translated as “the dove of silence from distance”.

For the Leader; upon yonat elem rechokim. A Psalm of David, when the Philistines took him in Gath.

Show me favor, O Elohim, for man would swallow me up, fighting all day long, he oppresses me. My enemies would swallow me up all day long, for many are fighting against me, O Most High. In the day I am afraid, I trust in You. In Elohim, whose Word I praise, in Elohim I have trusted. I do not fear. What could flesh do to me? All day long they twist my words. All their thoughts are against me for evil. They stir up strife, they hide. They watch my steps, as they lie in wait for my life. (Psa 56:1-6)

But what does “the dove of silence from distance” have to do with David, when the Philistines took in captivity?

Besides, “dove of silence” cannot be said about David who was a man of war: the reason why he was not given to build the Temple. We should recall in the Torah that the dove was sent to find peace on the earth and it returned with an olive leaf. Or, that the dove is the only bird suitable for sacrifices that bring peace between YHVH Elohim and man.

So, why does Psalm 56 begin yonat elem rechokim, “the dove of silence from distance”?

The present author believes that on a deeper level of understanding the psalm may prophetically refer to the supplication of a future David asking Elohim’s help to deliver him from his enemies. Let us inquire into it.

David is asking the Most High to show him His mercy in his fight against the many enemies that oppress him all day long, he oppresses me. All day long they twist his words and devise evil scheme against him to destroy him. But in Him he trusts and does not fear.

We should notice the parallelism of our “David” against “Goliath” (the metaphor for the Deep State). If President Trump has the Most High’s favor on his side, then he will face these low people who fight against him, and will move to the next term as a President of U.S.A.

The only thing President Trump needs to have is “no fear” in his heart and mind in the days until the Supreme Court of the U.S. takes a decision on the alleged election frauds. Because if he believes that he was the chosen one in 2016, he must keep the word of His promise on his side without fear after the 2020 Presidential elections. His enemies can do nothing to him but to twist his words and craft evil for violence and unrest in ambush.

Trump’s adversaries are injuring his interests and his words by misinterpreting and twisting them. They stretch them forcing upon them a false meaning and wrong presentation. His enemies from the Deep State teamed up and placed false witnesses from FBI to testify against President Trump on the non-existing “Russian collusion” in order to impeach him. Their hate toward Trump has no limits.

Because of wickedness, cast them out. Put down the peoples in displeasure, O Elohim! You have counted my wanderings; You put my tears into Your bottle. Are they not in Your book? My enemies turn back in the day I call. This I know, because Elohim is for me. In Elohim, whose Word I praise, in Yehovah, whose Word I praise, in Elohim I have trusted. I do not fear. What could man do to me? On me, O Elohim, are Your vows. I render praises to You, for You have delivered my life from death, my feet from stumbling, that I might walk before Elohim in the light of the living! (Psa 56:7-13)

Because of their wickedness, the author of the psalm is asking Elohim to cast them out of the presidential race and degrade them in His displeasure by exposing their lies and schemes. 

He hopes that one day his enemies will be obliged to retreat in the day when his prayer will be fulfilled, and the full realization of the relief will coincide with the cry for justice.

The figure of the “bottle of tears” in which YHVH preserves the tears of the sufferings are being recorded in the Book of Life. They corresponds to the tears of struggle President Trump was going through during the four years of presidency. But these tears of struggle will most certainly increase, whether Trump wins or loses, as it is very unlikely that the Deep State will retreat after the 2020 elections.

Who will be President of the U.S. is not in the control of the Deep State but in the control of the Most High. He raises up kings and He takes them down. Who can go against His will, if Elohim is for President Trump for the next four years? Who is the one who can take Trump down, if Elohim’s vows are on him?

The supplication of “David” finishes with praises to the Most High who has delivered him from the hands of his enemies and for keep him upright that he might walk before Him in the light of the living.

It was not difficult to see President Trump in his struggle to get his country free from the hands of the Deep State and give it back to the people. It is a fact that President Trump, like King David, is fighting for his survival in the last four years of presidency. But unlike King David, President Trump has to keep on fighting to the end of the Deep State.


May we merit seeing the coming of our Mashiach speedily in our days.