How many are the arks of the Covenant?

Posted by on Nov 17, 2018

Question: How many are the arks of the Covenant?

Answer: There are two arks of the Covenant of YHVH.

The Torah speaks of two arks of the Covenant and two sets of tablets on which YHVH wrote His Covenant with Israel.

When Israel sinned before YHVH by making the golden calf, Mosheh (Moses) broke the first tablets of stone (Read more about why Mosheh broke the tablets). Just because he broke the tablets, that did not mean that the pieces of the tablets written with finger of YHVH could stay on the ground as common objects. YHVH told Mosheh to make himself an ark of wood in which he was to put the broken pieces of the tablets.

When YHVH forgave Israel by Mosheh’s supplications, the Covenant was renewed and then YHVH commanded an ark of beaten gold to be made in which the tablets of the Renewed Covenant to be placed. (Read more)