Did Paul teach against the Temple sacrifices?

Posted by on Aug 16, 2019

Question: Did Paul teach against the Temple sacrifices?

Answer: Let us read Acts 21:20-28 and ask ourselves the questions: if Apostle Shaul (Paul) taught against the Law of God,

Why did he take on the Nazarite vow according to the Law (Num 6:13-20) that required sacrifices?

Why did he participate with four other men?

Why did he participate in burnt offerings and sacrifices in the Temple?

Why did Ya’akov (James) and the elders urge him to do this?

Why would Paul pay for the four other men’s sacrifice?

In other words, why did Paul have to do all these required by the Law of God commands years after the death and resurrection of Yeshua the Messiah, if he had taught that the sacrifices had been done away with?

By blatantly declaring that Yeshua did away with the Law of God, the evangelical preachers have taken the side of the false accusers, as the other false accusers did to Stephen and Paul: (1) Stephen was stoned to death because of false accusations of blaspheming the Temple and the Law of God. Act 6:8-14n and (2) Paul was falsely accused of seducing many to worship God contrary to the Law. Act 18:12-13.

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