Proof that the Bible is the Word of the Creator

Posted by on Feb 20, 2020

Is there any proof that the Bible is the Word of the Creator and was not written by men? There are many accusations that the Bible is a myth or a compilation of legends at best. The secularists accuse the Jews of inventing the Bible, while the Muslims: of distorting it.

For instance, the most popular accusation is that the Jews replaced Ishmael with Isaac on the altar, in other words, it was Ishmael who was the promised son and it was Ishmael whom Avraham (Arab. Ibrahim) offered for sacrifice, not Isaac.

Nevertheless, the Muslims still respect Mosheh (Arab. Mussa) and all Israel’s prophets who all believed that Avraham offered Isaac on the altar.

So, is there any proof that Bible is the Word of the Creator?

There is much written about the authenticity of the Scripture; tons of papers have been written and much ink spent to prove that the Scripture is indeed the Creator’s Script of human history.

Much was written and proved to be true that the Scripture is so intricately designed, and the prophecies fall so perfectly in their places that it is virtually very difficult for men to have written them and still be in a harmony. But this argument does not fall into the ears of the conspiracy theory pundits. Nor even does the Bible code.

In Time of Reckoning Ministry (TORM), we have shown some of the Bible codes that prove that the odds of such intricately design codes to appear randomly beneath the surface of the Scripture is astronomical.

The argument against the Bible code? The argument is that there are codes even in secular writings, although no evidence has been submitted so far.

However, there is a proof that the Bible is the Word of the Creator, not a man-made invention. And this proof no one can reject—this is a very strong and at the same time simple proof that the Bible is the Word of the Creator.

Let us take a quick walk in the history.

Every person or a nation in the world has something to hide, because it is either inconvenient, embarrassing, or humiliating. Every nation has done something in the past it is not so proud of, or the exposure of it does not serve its best interests.

For instance, the modern “Egyptians”, as a matter of facts Arabs, do not want to admit that it was an Israelite that ruled over the ancient Egypt and the Israelites were slaves in it. Otherwise, the Arabs will have the inconvenience to admit that when the Israelites left Egypt, they settled somewhere, say in the Promised Land.

The Iranians indeed admit the Jews were exiled in Babylon, but where King Cyrus sent them back if not to the same Promised Land—the same land both Arabs and Iranians deny it belongs to the Jews. And if that was not bad, the king not only permitted them to return to their homeland, but he helped them build the Second Temple in Jerusalem.

The modern “Romans” of the E.U. who are in denial of the historical and archeological evidences of existence of Jews in the Land, indeed admit that Rome exiled the Jews but exiled them from where? Or, where did the European Jewry come from, if not from the same Land the eurocrats deny it belongs to the Jews. They must have come from somewhere, unless the Jews came into Europe before the Europeans?

Many nations have something to hide under the sun and they cannot be blamed for it. Who wants to expose his filthy shirts?

Filthy shirts like the Armenian genocide in the Ottoman (Turkish) Empire, in which 1.5 million Armenians were murdered under the Turkish yatagan. Or, the athrocities of the Turks on the Balkans for nearly five centuries.

The Brits do not want to talk that while the Germans were bombing the English cities, the army of Her Majesty was waging war in the occupied colonies before, during, and after WWII to oppress any revolt.

The French did not want to admit that if it was not America in WWI and WWII, now they would have spoken German, and that Vichy France was actually Hitler’s ally. But that was no obstacle at all for France to become member of the so-called UN “security” council.

The French do not want to talk about that before America’s Vietnam War there was the French Vietnam War, and why would the liberty-loving French invade a country on the other side of the globe, as soon as the Americans liberated them from the Germans?

And speaking of the Germans, some of them (not all to be objective) do not want to remember the Holocaust any longer, but all of them (to be objective) turn a blind eye to the rising neo-antisemitism in Europe the new “refugees” brought in.

Most definitely, it was the Russians who do not want even to mention that Stalin and Hitler were not only allies to rule the world together but also friends who invaded and divided Poland. And surely, Stalin was doing the same thing to the Jews in the East what Hitler was doing to them in the West. But who wants to speak about that?

And indeed, most definitely, it was Nicolas Sarkozy and Tony Blair who fooled Barak Obama to assassinate Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi in the so-called “Arab Spring”, when the Libyan requested something in return for the money he gave them for their re-elections. But who wants to speak about that either?

Or, the Americans who are very open (to be objective) to the Vietnam War, but keep the CIA archives air-tight closed to the question who and most importantly why one of their presidents was assassinated. But who will want to declassify the archives?

While the Americans take all the blame for the slavery, it was the Dutch who invented it, and it was the Brits who brought it into the continent. Any words from them?

Not to mention that it was the infamous Nazi Werner von Braun, the father of V-1 and V-2 rockets, who became also the father of NASA and the Apollo program; the same rockets that fell on the English cities.

How about the Japanese who do not want to talk that they used sex-slaves from the occupied territories in WWII to “comfort” the Japanese soldiers? And how many millions of Chinese people died in the cultural revolution in the communist China?

The Europeans do not admit that while America was paying their defense bills in the Cold war, they built with the saved money an excellent welfare system and the most exotic cars in the world.

And why should America still have to pay the defense bill for the E.U. while with the saved money Germany pays for the natural gas from Russia America protects them from and for the failed multiculturalism German style?

And what did America hide in the support of military juntas in Latin America? Or, the truth about hiding the Nazis in those countries and the role the Vatican played in saving those Nazis from the prosecution in the post-war Europe.

But where are we going to with these well overdue questions? And why are we bringing them out in order to answer our question, “What is the proof that the Bible was not written by the Jews but written by the Creator?”

This is why.

All nations in the world had written and re-written their history textbooks to suit their best interests, because every nation has something to hide under the sun. And Israel is no exception.

Why would Israel have to tell the world that only forty days after Elohim commanded them under the terrible thunder, and lightning, and a great earthquake not to make any image of Him, they did exactly that? And why would Israel tell the world that about 3,000 died that day?

Why would Israel have to tell the world that they did not want to enter the land He gave them and as a result of that that generation had to die in the desert?

Why would the Jews let the whole world know that the greatest leader of the nation Mosheh and Elohim Himself called them “stubborn” and “stiff-necked people” and words, which even their worst enemies had never used?

No nation in the world had shown such rebellion to their “gods”.

And the list of examples of disobedience and rebellion can go on and on.

So, is there any proof that the Bible is the Word of the Creator and not written by the Jews?Yes, there is and the proof is: had the Bible been written by the Jews, they would have never let the world know of those inconvenient truths.

However, Israel is not a nation like any other nation.

While all nations had written and re-written their history textbooks, Israel is the only nation that does not even have a history textbook; the nation’s history is the Bible. And the Bible is truth, and the inconvenient truth is included in it.

That is why we study the Torah and the Prophets parashah after parashah, Sabbath after Sabbath, generation after generation, to learn what our fathers had done, we do not want to repeat.

And this is the proof that the Bible is the Word of the Creator.

May we merit seeing the coming of our Mashiach speedily in our days.