Resolution 2334: The Dividing of the Land, the Covenant of Death, and the Judgment

Posted by on Dec 31, 2016

The talking point of this article will be prophecy in Joel 3:1-2 and more specifically, the efforts of the nations (United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334) to divide the Promised Land, the covenant with death, and their consequent judgment.

The Dividing of the Promised Land in UNSC Resolution 2334

For look, in those days and at that time, when I turn back the captivity of Yehudah and Yerushalayim, then I shall gather all nations, and bring them down to the Valley of Yehoshaphat*. And I shall enter into judgment with them there for My people, My inheritance Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and they have divided up My land. (Joel 3:1-2) *Yehoshaphat (Yehovah judges).

This prophecy in Joel 3:1-2 is speaking not of events belonging to its own time, but of that dispersion of the whole nation of Israel among the gentiles, which was only completed by the Romans in 135 A.D. That took place in the fulfillment of what Mosheh warned his people that Israel would one day be driven out among the heathen, as we find this in Lev_26:33 and Deu_28:36.

Joel 3:3 is speaking of how the Romans would have cast lots for the people, and have given a young man for a whore, and sold a girl for wine. 

And they have cast lots for My people; and have given a boy for an harlot, and sold a girl for wine, and have drunk. (Joel 3:3 JPS)

After the conquest and destruction of Jerusalem, the number of captives reached 97,000 in the course of the war who were disposed of in the following manner: those under seventeen years of age were publicly sold; of the remainder, some were executed immediately and others kept for the public shows to fight with wild beasts, and only the tallest and most handsome were selected for the triumphal procession in Rome.

That had already been fulfilled, however, the prophecy has a future element in Joel 3:1-2 in which the Highest is promising that He will return the captives back to the Land (this has being fulfilled since 1948 with the restoration of the State of Israel) and that He will gather the nations to judge them, because, as the prophecy tells us, “they have divided up My Land.”

On 23 December 2016 United Nations Security Council (UNSC) passed Resolution 2334  in which the members condemned “the settlements” Israel has built in the so-called “West Bank” but more properly: the Biblical land of Judea and Samaria. By design or not, this condemnation in Resolution 2334 was made just before the commencement of the eight-day holiday of Chanukah, when the Jews all over the world were ready to commemorate the re-dedication of the Temple in Jerusalem during the Maccabean revolt against the Greek; the Temple that was desecrated by Antiochus Epiphanous in 165 BC.

Much has been written on what consequences Resolution 2334 will have on Israel, but in short, the UNSC declared that all Israeli “settlements” are illegal under the International Law, “the occupation” of Judea and Samaria is illegal, and that Israel should immediately return to the pre-1967 borders. Thus, Resolution 2334 opens the door for a dividing the Biblical land of Israel prophesied in Joel 3:1-2: and they have divided up My land.

Israel (as expected) immediately responded with a harsh criticism towards the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 and the Obama administration in particular, and rejected the resolution as being biased, one-sided, and anti-Israel.

The driving force behind Resolution 2334 is believed to be the U.S. and more particularly President Barak Obama who is well known for his animosity towards the Jewish State and its PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

But, first let us see what Resolution 2334 says and what it does not say.

The UNSC Resolution 2334 is grounded on Chapter VI of the UN Charter, meaning that it cannot impose enforcement to compel Israel to implement it, but rather can only press Israel for negotiations with the Palestinians. In other words, according to Chapter VI Resolution 2334 is a “recommendation” and the UN cannot impose sanctions on Israel for violating its provisions. This is what the resolution says on the surface.

However, there is Chapter VII of the UN Charter which has a binding mechanism and can allow the imposition of economic sanctions, or even the use of military force against a country that violates it.

For example, Chapter VII of the Charter begins with Article 39 by proclaiming that,

…the Security Council shall determine the existence of any threat to the peace, breach of peace, or act of aggression” and shall decide what measures shall be taken”.”So the UN shall make the decision as to whether and when it shall act militarily.”

Then, in Article 42, the United Nation Security Council is authorized to –

… take such action by air, sea, or land forces as may be necessary to maintain or restore international peace and security. Such action may include demonstrations, blockade, and operations by land, sea, or air forces of Members of the United Nations.

Clearly, a nation that resists at being controlled by the United Nation will be deemed to be a threat of the world, per the UN’s definition of “peace” quoted above, and the UN has the legal authority under this section of its Charter to wage war to accomplish its idea of “peace” in the Middle East.

That is not to say that the UNSC Resolution 2334 is toothless and can be easily dismissed by Israel. To start with, the UNSC Resolution 2334 will no doubt give the International Criminal Court the precedent for “investigations” of whether it should take up steps to prosecute the Jewish State, its leaders, and military commanders for alleged crimes and violations against the United Nations Security Council’s resolution on “the settlements.”

With that being said, the present author sees the UNSC Resolution 2334 as a precursor of what can come on 15 January 2017 when just five days before Barak Obama’s term expires the real resolution could be brought before the UN Security Council this time pertaining to Chapter VII.

Again, Chapter VII can impose economic sanctions and/or even the use of military force against Israel. If implemented, as planned by the White House, this new resolution of the UNSC will have the effectual bond of producing the intended result on dividing the land of Israel and thus to lead to the fulfillment of Joel 3.

If this happens, the birth pangs of the Messiah (the Ya’akov trouble) will begin. We read,

Oh! For great is that day, there is none like it. And it is the time of Ya’akov distress, but he shall be saved out of it. And it shall be in that day,’ declares Yehovah of hosts, that I break his yoke from your neck, and tear off your bonds, and foreigners no more enslave them. (Jer 30:7-8)

This refers to the Great Tribulation immediately preceding Israel’s national salvation. Both Daniel the Prophet and Yeshua the Messiah refer to this time as the greatest time of trouble that Israel will ever know,

And there shall be a time of distress, such as never was since there was a nation, until that time. And at that time your people shall be delivered, every one who is found written in the book, (Dan 12:1) For then there shall be great distress, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be. Except those days were few, no flesh would be saved, but for the sake of the chosen those days shall be few. (Mat 24:21-22)

In Scripture, the intense suffering, agony, and distress during this time is likened to a woman that goes into labor, suffers agonizing pain, but is overjoyed at the end, because she has given birth (Isa_66:5-9). Once labour begins, a woman cannot turn back the time; she has to go through the entire process and experience intense suffering before she can experience the joy of delivering a new life.

Accordingly, the Hebrew term for this time of tribulation when Israel would travail, as it is born into the Messiah and His kingdom (Rev_12:1-6), is known as the Birth pangs of the Messiah. In the Ohr Somayach commentary on Isa_66:1-24, the sages teach on Scripture’s use of the metaphor of childbirth in relation to the coming of the Messiah. We read,

The prophets speak in many places about the coming of Mashiach in terms of childbirth. Someone who is ignorant of the process of childbirth and sees for the first time a woman in labour would be convinced that she is about to die. And the closer the actual moment of the birth, the stronger that impression would become. And then, within a couple of minutes, seeming tragedy has turned into the greatest joy. A new life has entered the world. This is the way Mashiach will come. The worse things become, the more painful the birth pangs, the nearer is his coming. Until, like a mother who has delivered, all the tears and pain will be forgotten in the great joy of a new life.

If Israel is to be redeemed, she has to go through the Birth pangs of the Messiah and the whole world with her. It seems that we are heading on the path towards the tribulation: the last three and half years of the world, as we know it, are quickly approaching. The turmoil and the wrath of Elohim are about to begin with the soundings of the seven trumpets.

The Covenant of Death in Isaiah 28

Therefore hear the Word of Yehovah, you men of scorn, who rule this people who are in Yerushalayim, because you have said, “We have made a covenant with death, and with the grave we have effected a vision. When the overflowing scourge passes through, it does not come to us, for we have made lying our refuge, and under falsehood we have hidden ourselves.” Therefore thus said the Master Yehovah, “See, I am laying in Tsiyon a stone for a foundation, a tried stone, a precious corner-stone, a settled foundation. He who trusts shall not hasten away. And I shall make right-ruling the measuring line, and righteousness the plummet. And the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lying, and the waters overflow the hiding place. And your covenant with death shall be annulled, and your vision with the grave not stand. When an overflowing scourge passes through, then you shall be trampled down by it. As often as it passes through it shall take you, for it shall pass through every morning, and by day and by night. And it shall be only trembling to understand the message.” (Isa 28:14-19)

On 29 November 1947, United Nations voted for the partition of the British Palestine between the Arabs and the Jews. Exactly sixty-five years later to the date, 29 November, 2012, they voted again this time to divide the land of Israel (refer to Appendix D: The Covenant with Death of the present author’s book Reckoning of Time for more information on this). Seventy years later, this will be 2017, they may vote again, and this time it will be the last one.

On 4 June 2009, in a speech during his Middle East tour, in Cairo, Egypt, President Obama called for “a new beginning between the U.S. and Muslims around the world,” asking for “new alliances” based on mutual respect and common interests. The Arabs asked Obama to make a suggestion before the United Nations to send UN forces to protect the Palestinians from the IDF.

The deadline for Israel acting was by 15 January 2012. In year 2012, the time between the 15th of January and the 7th of October, Hoshanna Rabbah – the seventh day of Sukkot, was exactly 266 days – 38 weeks, the nine months of a human pregnancy. According to the Sages in BT Yoma 10a, Ben-David the Messiah will only arrive after the evil kingdom of Rome dominates the entire world for a period of nine months, as it says in Mic_5:2-3,

But you, Beyt Lechem Ephratah, you who are little among the clans of Yehudah, out of you shall come forth to Me the One* to become Ruler in Israel. And His comings forth are of old, from everlasting. Therefore He shall give them up, until the time that she who is in labour has given birth, and the remnant of His brothers return to the children of Israel. (Mic 5:2-3)

*”One” Targum Jonathan paraphrases as “the Messiah.”

Therefore, we see the interpretation of the events at the closing stages of the Redemption process spoken of in Mic 5:2-3 will last nine months, nine months of human gestation. Rab in Sanhedrin 98b said:

The son of David will not come until the [Roman] power enfolds Israel for nine months, as it is written, Therefore will he give them up, until the time that she which travaileth hath brought forth: then the remnant of his brethren shall return unto the children of Israel.

Unsurprisingly, on the same date, 15 January 2017, a conference will be summoned in Paris (this time between the foreign ministers of about seventy nations) to make the international community involved in another attempt “to revive” the two-state solution initiative of Barak Hussein Obama. During the meeting scheduled as part of the French “peace” initiative, a series of decisions on the peace process are expected to be made to press Israel to give up more land. The decisions the conference will take may immediately be brought to the UN Security Council for a vote, but no later than the 20th of January when Barak Obama is expected to leave the office.

According to the most recent developments in the UN Security Council, it is very probable that again the U.S. may not veto a new UNSC Resolution on Israel, this time the resolution may be based on Chapter VII of the UN Charter, or as it is expected the U.S. may even vote for it.

The only thing Obama needs to do is to unilaterally declare a Palestinian state and this will be sufficient for his legacy of “achievements” on the international stage. Then “two-state solution” that the U.S. may bring before the UN Security Council or a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state will be considered “The Covenant With Death” spoken of in Isa_28:14-19.

Over the years of dependence on an American aid, relying on and being controlled by her big brother, Israel has acted in compliance with the disposition to yield to the will of the U.S. (regardless who has been in the White House) to divide the Promised Land, the land promised to Avraham, Yitshak, and Ya’akov. Thus, the leaders of Israel through their obedience to America and disobedience to the Most High have entered into a covenant with death. But when this covenant with death will be annulled, only Elohim knows. 

But, as it is obvious even to Obama, this will be no more.

In the second century BC, Shimon the High Priest and prince of his nation declared the following to the archenemy of the Jews Antiochus when the Syrian Greek commanded them to pull back from the land they occupied in the war. We read from the archaic English text of KJV Bible,

We haue neither taken other mens land, nor holden that which apperteineth to others, but the inheritance of our fathers, which our enemies had wrongfully in possession a certaine time. Wherefore we hauing opportunitie, hold the inheritance of our fathers. (1Ma 15:33-34 KJV-1611 Old English)

Today another Levite a prince of his nation made the same declaration before the enemies of the Jews, when they commanded them to withdraw from Judea and Samaria, they conquered from the Arabs in the 1967 War. In his declaration before the world, the Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu made the re-dedication in the festival of Chanukah that Israel will not give up anymore the land of his fathers and thus he might have annulled the covenant with death Israel had with the U.S., the covenant the U.S, was using to make Israel dependent on the military aid in order to press her more and more to give up the Covenant Land. Unsurprisingly, the name “Benjamin” means “son of the right (strong) hand” thus the Israeli prime minister fulfilled the meaning of his name by reinstated what Shimon the High Priest did in the second century.

If this is what Israel will do, namely to decisively reject any initiative to divide her land, then her reaction would be considered de facto as the annulment of “The Covenant With Death” in Isa 28:14-19, because Israel has firmly rejected it.

In this year festival of Chanukah Israel made a very important step (as the fathers did in 2 BC) in her future to annul the covenant with death spoken of in Isa 28:14-19, but a price will be paid for it. The prophecy reads on,

When an overflowing scourge passes through, then you shall be trampled down by it. As often as it passes through it shall take you, for it shall pass through every morning, and by day and by night. And it shall be only trembling to understand the message.

This prophecy is nothing less than a prophecy of the birth pangs of the Messiah (the Ya’akov trouble). Although Israel as a nation stood up alone against the whole world, she will have to pay a dire price for having relied on the U.S., not on the Highest, because their leaders, men of scorn, who rule this people who are in Yerushalayim, have said, “We have made a covenant with death, and with the grave we have effected a vision. When the overflowing scourge passes through, it does not come to us, for we have made lying our refuge, and under falsehood we have hidden ourselves.”

And the Judgment in Jeremiah 50 and 51

For more information on Obama’s involvement in the dividing the land, the reader is advised to refer to Chapters Two Scenarios for the War of Gog and Writing on the Wall of Part II of the present author’s book Reckoning of Time.

Is Obama “Gog of Magog” prophesied by Ezekiel? According to the prophecy he is or somehow he will be involved in the end time events. Obama will be the one responsible for the final war of this world when he seeks to divide the land of Israel, as he indeed seeks to divide the Promised Land by giving the so-called West Bank to the Palestinians. We can just invoke the prophecy of Joel 3:1-2 regarding the matter.

In those days and at that time, declares Yehovah, the children of Israel shall come, they and the children of Yehuda together, weeping as they come, and seek Yehovah their Elohim. They shall ask the way to Tsiyon, their faces toward it, ‘Come and let us join ourselves to Yehovah, in an everlasting covenant, never to be forgotten.’ … Flee from the midst of Bavel come out of the land of the Chaldeans. And be as rams before a flock. (Jer 50:4-8) Also refer to Jer_3:11-18 and Rev_18:3-5.

The United States is home to the largest Jewish community in the world. As of 2012, the American Jewish population was estimated at between 5.5 to 8 million. This constitutes between 1.7 to 2.6 percent of the total U.S. population.

One day, however, they will be called to leave Babylon and the Jews will have to make their choice. Some will leave and return to the land of Avraham, Yitschak, and Ya’akov. However, many may decide not to leave as the fathers did not want to leave Egypt and perished in a foreign land. For more information on this matter, refer to Chapter The Beginning of Months of Part I of Reckoning of Time.

Polish the arrows! Put on the shields! Yehovah has stirred up the spirit of the kings of the Medes. For His plan is against Bavel to destroy it, because it is the vengeance of Yehovah, the vengeance for His Temple. (Jer 51:11) Also, Isa_13:17-18 and Jer_51:28.

Nevukadnetsar the king of Bavel has devoured us, he has crushed us, he has made us an empty vessel, he has swallowed us up like a monster. He has filled his stomach with my delicacies, he has driven us away. (Jer 51:34)

This judgment will come on Babylon for its offenses against Israel. Those who complain, in Jer_51:34, are the inhabitants of Israel and Jerusalem, in whose name the prophet enumerates the crimes of Babylon. The personal hatred of this ruler, the king of modern-day Babylon, towards Israel is hard to hide anymore.

America’s waning days as a superpower appear to have been numbered. The prophecy goes on to say, that this Babylon will be destroyed swiftly and in surprise by the vengeance of Elohim of His Temple and the slain of Israel (see Jer 51:11, 24, 49). According to the prophecy in Jeremiah 50 & 51, the king of Babylon will do something against the state of Israel. This may materialize in military actions or an air-strike on some scale which may result in casualties and destructions in Israel. As a result of Elohim’s vengeance, this country will be inhabited no more (see Jer 51:29, 37, 43, and 44).

We should remember that while the historical Babylon had been destroyed by the Persians and the Greeks, it had never been depopulated and the land which was once occupied by Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, and Greeks, is even inhabited today by the Arabs. For further understanding of this matter the reader may want to refer to Chapter Will Elohim Use Russia to Judge America?

Israel rejected and will reject any further ultimatum of the world to withdraw from the Promised Land. Whatever will transpire from this and from possible future UNSC resolutions, Israel will suffer and go through the Ya’akov trouble, the birth pangs of the Messiah, but at the end the vengeance will be the vengeance of Elohim.

The reader is encouraged to read also the related articles The Beast Wounded to Death But Resurrected and Martial Law in the Land of Babylon Prophesied?

Note: Prophecy is not a prediction. Jeremiah and Ezekiel the prophets are not fortunetellers. Prophecy and Bible codes are not meant to predict the future, but to warn the people about the future, about the coming danger. Prophecy is not a Damoclean Sword. Even the darkest prophecy can be diverted, if there is repentance. Repentance can achieve everything. But the prophecies in Joel 3, Isaiah 28, and Jeremiah 50 and 51 have been written on the wall.


May we merit seeing the coming of our Mashiach speedily in our days.