Appendix B: The Destruction of Babylon – from Reckoning of Time

Posted by on Jul 3, 2016

Ezekiel 38 & 39

Jeremiah 50 & 51

Revelation 18

The invasion of Israel will come from USA, Eze_38:6

The destruction of US will come from Russia, Jer_50:3, Jer_50:41 , Jer_51:48

The destruction of US will come:

and allies like Iran, Sudan, and Libya, Eze_38:5

and a coalition of great nations (Jer_50:9), Iran (Jer_51:11), Ararat, Minni, and Ashkenaz (Jer_51:27).


after Israel has felt secured with signing of the peace agreement, Eze_38:11.

at harvest time, Jer_50:16


The destruction of USA will be on the same day of the invasion, Eze_38:18-19

after the abomination at the altar, Jer_50:28, Jer_51:11, Jer_51:51 as a sudden destruction, Jer_51:8 and in surprise, Jer_50:24

in one day (Rev_18:8) and in one hour (Rev_18:10)

invasion will be on the last days, the final battle for Jerusalem, Eze_39:17, Rev_19:17-18

after the call to come out of her, Jer_50:8


after the evil US has done in Israel, Jer_51:49, [Joe_1:6-20, Joe_2:1-32] the vengeance for His Temple, Jer_50:28 Jer_51:11


After the escape (Jer_50:28) and after two reports [national emergency/marshal law] issued within two years due to civil unrest (Jer_51:45-46), meaning US will still exists for about year or two after the abomination and evil against Israel.

  1. In the day of the Lord (Zep_1:14-15), Gaza will be forsaken
  2. In the day of the Lord (Joe_2:1), the land of Israel will be divided by the nations (Joe_3:2)
  3. In the day of the Lord (Zec_14:1-2), Jerusalem will be divided. The “enemy” will say that the “mountains of Israel” (West Bank) belongs to them (Eze_36:1-2).
  4. In the day of the Lord (Isa_13:6), Babylon is destroyed through a confrontation with the Medes (Iran) (Isa_13:17) in the time known as the ‘vengeance of YHVH’ (Jer_51:11) over the ‘controversy of Zion’ (Isa_34:8)
  5. In the day of the Lord, Jews will be removed from their homes (Joe_3:6)
  6. In the day of the Lord, the nations will be judged for dividing Jerusalem (Zec_14:3) and the judgment will be nuclear (Zec_14:12)