A False Prophet: “Let’s Go After Other Gods!”

Posted by on Aug 30, 2023 in Oneness of the Creator

It is the object of this work to touch upon well-known passages in the Hebrew Scripture that much have been avoided in the traditional Christian commentaries: the enticer who says, “Let us go after other Gods”. In this endeavor in which we will seek to find out who those “Gods” are, we are fully aware that we cannot remove all the difficulties that have been in the minds of the people for centuries, but it is worth trying. We are also aware that what...

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“Gap Theory” in the Beginning of the Universe

Posted by on Aug 21, 2023 in The Origin

The “gap theory” advocates believe that science has proven beyond reasonable doubt that the Earth is far older than what the Bible says. According to the “gap theory” (also known as “gap creationism”), the six-day creation period involves six literal 24-hour days of creation, but it also states that there was a gap of time between Gen 1:1 and Gen 1:2. They see this “gap” as the border between two distinct creations. According to them, first the...

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The Bible Code in the Prophecy of Haggai

Posted by on Aug 16, 2023 in The Bible Codes

Haggai was the first prophet who rose up in the midst of those who fulfilled the word that after the seventy years of exile the people were to return to the land and build the city. And the word of YHVH came to Haggai in the second year of reign of king Dareyavesh (Darius the Great), on the first day of the sixth month (520 B.C.), and caused the work of building the Second Temple, which had been suspended by the machinations of the Samaritans, to resume.  In it YHVH...

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Hebrew Word: Vav That Reverses Time

Posted by on Aug 7, 2023 in Hebrew Study

In the following, it will be beneficial for the reader to learn not only the grammar of the Hebrew word vav, “and”, but also some facts about Hebrew language and more, as we will go deeper in our study. We will try to show that the question of learning Hebrew words and grammar is far from being trivial and hope to provide a more interesting approach to Hebrew study for the reader. Biblical Hebrew is a small language but large in meaning. The number of attested...

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The Unfinished Work of Creation

Posted by on Aug 1, 2023 in The Origin

Elohim was able to create whole world in a blink of an eye. But why did He create it in six days and complete it on the seventh? The present study deals with a subject that has been touched upon in the articles Concealing the Infinite Light of Creation, Part 1 and Part 2, as we will explain the matter in the following vein. There is understanding among the rabbis that in the beginning Elohim created everything in the universe simultaneously, as the narrative of Genesis 1...

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Concealing the Infinite Light of Creation, Part 2

Posted by on Jul 23, 2023 in The Origin

In Part 2 of Concealing the Infinite Light of Creation, we would like to posit another way to look at the creation of the world. No one and nothing existed to the exclusion of the Everlasting YHVH, He created the Beginning, which itself is the concept of time and space. Nothingness was so absolute that even the concept of infinity of time and space was a created concept. Hence, the Creator is absolute and everything else He created afterwards was, is, and will be...

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Concealing the Infinite Light of Creation, Part 1

Posted by on Jul 19, 2023 in The Origin

Infinite light is a very mystifying term denoting light that was in existence before the Creation of the world. When Elohim speaks, His words are not a mere revelation of thought but of actions. Elohim did not create the light, and then He saw it was good and approved it. And then He proceeded towards the next experiment. There must have a master design of the Creation before the first words of the Bible were spoken. The light must have been already in His...

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Bible code: The 70 Weeks Prophecy of Daniel

Posted by on Jul 11, 2023 in The Bible Codes

The present study deals with a subject that has carefully avoided in the rabbinic commentaries on the 70 Weeks of the prophecy in Daniel. At the core of this study is the Bible code that is found in Chapter 9, and what it will reveal to the reader. Therefore, it is the object of this work to seek the answer to the question as to the identity of the anointed, as we will touch upon the cryptic passages in the 70 Weeks in Daniel’s prophecy. Although most commentators have...

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Pinechas: The High Priest Who Did Not Die

Posted by on Jul 4, 2023 in Bible Study

Pinechas was son of El’azar and grandson of the first high priest of Israel, Aharon. As a result of a single act Pinechas did, he was given the title of “High Priest” of Israel for eternity in an everlasting covenant: the Covenant of peace.  But what did Pinechas do to receive the highest position in the priesthood of Israel? He killed two fornicators who committed an act of perversion in front of the Tabernacle before the eyes of Mosheh and the elders....

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Bible Code: Yehoshua and the Captain of Heaven

Posted by on Jun 25, 2023 in The Bible Codes

In our survey of the Bible code and the Messiah, as found in the Hebrew Scripture, we are coming to a peculiar encounter of Yehoshua, who has just been appointed the leader of the nation of Israel, and a man who claimed to be the captain of the heavenly forces.  As we said previously, the reader has to expect that the subject mentioned in this article regarding the Bible code found in the Book of Joshua is a matter of private interpretation to the best knowledge of the...

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Bible Code: Mashiach at Sukkot

Posted by on Jun 18, 2023 in The Bible Codes

The Bible codes delineate hidden messages in the Biblical stories as having layered background, in which the stories must be read not only in the immediate context of the plain meaning of the text, but also in the context of what the Bible codes have been meant to convey. Such is the story of the end of life of the greatest statesman ever born: Mosheh, whom YHVH chose to lead His people out of the land of slavery. We have Scriptural proof of existing of such a Bible code...

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Bible Code: Yeshua the Anointed

Posted by on Jun 11, 2023 in The Bible Codes

It is the object of this work to explain the Bible code found in the laws of unintentional sin and how it relates to Yeshua. The Bible code being the literal [hidden] word of the Creator is like a meeting with Him in revelation. The Bible codes left without interpretation or even worse misinterpretation can lead to wrong conclusions and straying from the path. However, left behind and unpublicized the knowledge of them known to only a few will die out. For this reason, it...

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