Are we alone in the universe?

Posted by on May 17, 2019

Question: Are we alone in the universe?

Answer: Many will say that we are alone and there are no civilizations other than us. However, there are even more supporters of the theory that there other human-like civilizations somewhere in the universe. So, are we alone in the universe?

No! Most certainly, we are not alone in the universe; we have the Creator, His Messiah, and the hosts of messengers (angels) with them.

But, this question also implies whether there are other human-like civilizations the Creator has created together or after us. The Creator created the universe and everything in it, visible and invisible, in six days, but He has not said anywhere in the Creation story whether He created other civilization(s) sometime, somewhere, in the universe. Then, we should admit that we do not know. We do not know even why the Creator had created us. The Creator has not given us any answer regarding this issue.

One is sure. Most definitely, He had not needed the universe; He had not needed us, nor even the angels. He is self-sufficient and by definition, He lacks nothing and needs nothing.

So, are we alone in the universe? If we say there are human-like civilizations the Creator has created other than us, it would not contradict the Scripture. The opposite is also true: if we say we are alone in the universe, it would not contradict it, either. The Scripture is silent, and we just do not know.

However, we can ask the question whether the Creator has created the universe from nothing, as commonly accepted. To find the answer and even more than that, we need to read more.